Notice of Meeting

Town of West Sweden

Notice is hereby given that the Town Board meeting is scheduled to be held on

 Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the Town Hall. 

1.       Open meeting

2.       Approve/Corrections to printed agenda

3.       Clerk’s Report

4.       Treasurer’s Report

5.       Public input

6.       Employee/Highway Report

7.       Unfinished Business –

A. Driveways

B. Resolution to adjust budget

C.  Adopt resolution for North Land Ambulance

D.  Survey report on Salt/Sand Shed

8.       New Business-

A.      Review budget items

B.      Building and Road plan

C.      Job description for patrolman

9.       Correspondence

10.   Review bills/vouchers

11.   Next Month’s Agenda

12.   Set next meeting date

13.   Move to Adjourn





Phyllis Wilder, Town Clerk

Posted at the Town Hall, Post Office and Bremer Bank on September 18, 2017

Also posted on the town website townofwestsweden.com