Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

January 17, 2017


Meeting was called to order by Simon Nelson at 6:38 pm. Members present Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier, supervisors; Kevin Taylor, patrolman, and Phyllis Wilder, clerk, Brenda Tesch, treasurer.


The minutes to the December meeting were presented by the clerk.The board thanked the clerk for the report.

The financial statement for December was presented by the treasurer. The board thanked her for the report.


Public input: None


Employee report:Kevin reported that the sander was sold for $1500.21. Will need to pay a 5% consignment fee to Rousarís Welding & Hydraulics, Inc. Got more salt from Burnett County and will be getting more sand from Trade Lake Outfitters. Need grader blades and plow blades. Water is backing up by 130th street.


Unfinished Business:

A. Update on 135th St:Phyllis reported received letter from Grindell Law Offices that the Lis Pendens has been filed with the Register of Deeds and the Highway order has been sent to the Polk Highway Department.


B. Road projects for 2017: Minutes to 12-2016 meeting and copy of contract with Monarch will be given to Bremer Bank.Project must be completed by July 22, 2017.


New Business:

A.Audit Treasurer and Clerk books:The 2016 books were presented to the board for review.


B. Discussion on Centurylink project: Proposed construction starting in May 2017 on 150th St, 345th Avenue, Clam Falls Drive, boring under 120th Street, replacing equipment at 315th Avenue.


Correspondence: ††There is a Towns Association meeting, Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Polk County Government Center.


Review bills/vouchers: Supervisors reviewed bills and approved payment of checks # 16734- 16747 and the ACH payments totaling $240,943.82.

Next meeting will be February 21, 2017at 6:30 pm. Primary will be taking place that day.


Motion to adjourn was made by Scott Wilder, 2nd by Glenn Meier, carried. Time: 7: 12 pm


Respectfully submitted,††


Phyllis Wilder Clerk