Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

February 17, 2015


Meeting was called to order by Simon Nelson at 6:30 pm. Members present were Glenn Meier and Scott Wilder, supervisors; Kevin Taylor, patrolman; Brenda Tesch, treasurer and Phyllis Wilder, clerk. Public present: William Johnson IV, Maria Taylor,Deanne Muellner and Mark Krause.


The minutes to the January meeting were presented by the clerk.The board thanked the clerk for the report.

The financial statement for January was presented by the treasurer. The board thanked her for the report.


Public input: William Johnson IV said in the Governorís budget, they are looking at having an assessor for the entire county rather than each township hire their own.


Wagner Surveying: Mark Krause presented David Andersonís certified survey map to make a forty acre parcel into a 6.74 acre lot and a 33.26 lot.Motion to approve made by Simon, seconded by Glenn, carried.



Employee report:Darryl Nyren of Trade River Out fitters will bring some materials to fill in the dips on 180th and 325th Avenue and Bloom Lake.All equipment working good.Salt/sand on hand 120 yards.


Old Business:

A. Culvert policy: Discussion as to adopt as a policy or as an ordinance. Phyllis will check on which it should be and bring back to the next meeting.


New Business:

A.Ron Fredericks still has restrictions as to what he can do with his shoulder. He has been off work for 7 months.


Correspondence:†† None


All bills approved and paid.


Next meeting will be March 17, at 6:30 pm.


Motion to adjourn was made by Glenn, 2nd by Scott , carried.


Respectfully submitted,


Phyllis Wilder, Clerk