Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

March 19, 2013


Meeting was called to order at 6:45pm.Present at the meeting were Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier, supervisor; Kevin Taylor, patrolman; and Andrea Lundquist, Clerk. Simon Nelson, chairman, and Phyllis Wilder, treasurer, were absent.Residents and onlookers include Ken Ruhn and RaeAnn Marek.

The minutes of the last meeting were presented by the clerk. The town board thanked the clerk for the report.


Public Input:None to note


Old Business: A. RaeAnn Marek representing Northland Ambulance presented the plans for the new ambulance building to begin construction shortly.Northland continues to work on an inter-community agreement, which will be presented when complete.The Annual Northland Ambulance smelt fry will take place on Saturday, April 12th. Tickets avail at Bremer and Great Northern Outdoors.

*Phyllis Wilder arrived at 6:56pm.The treasurer presented the monthly report.†† The town board thanked the treasurer for the report.


Employee Report: A. Grader was back on the 13th, and has been working well the last few days.

B. Working with Leonard Knauber on mower.There is a shim that he would like to weld to bottom of the plate, and should be good after that.

C. Kevin will be bringing dump truck to Truck and Trailer after snow ends for the tie rod and brake check.Dave Meier will be doing welding on the truck.


Correspondence: A. Larson Property (Tammiís Wildlife and Rescue Center) has been annexed into Frederic.


New Business: None


All bills paid and approved.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 immediately following the annual meeting to be held at 6:00pm.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Glenn, seconded by Scott.Motion carried. Time was 7:23pm.

Andrea Lundquist, clerk