Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

March 21, 2017


Meeting was called to order by Scott Wilder, supervisor, in Simon Nelsonís absence at 6:30 pm. Members present Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier, supervisors; Phyllis Wilder, clerk; Brenda Tesch, treasurer. Public:Wm Johnson IV


The minutes to the February meeting were presented by the clerk.The board thanked the clerk for the report.

The financial statement for February was presented by the treasurer. The board thanked her for the report.


Public input: Wm Johnson reported village is putting together grant application to for Park and Spruce in the village. Dave Rasmussen from MSA Engineering is helping with the grant.Having adopted the Safe Route to Schools is a plus.


Bill and Carol Schommer presented pictures and concerns regarding the destruction of a home on Diamond Lake and the debris that is entering the lake.They have contacted the DNR regarding this matter.


Employee report:Scott reported in Kevinís absence, the mower is at Leonard Knauberís for repair.Two beavers have been removed from 180th Street.


Unfinished Business:

A.      Salt Sand Shed: Glenn reported that the survey on the Benson Road, Crane Surveying estimated cost of $2800. Will need more bids before we proceed.Wm Johnson reported that the County is still interested in something in the northland.


B.      Finalize 135th St:Clerk checked with Register of Deeds, we need to file one more piece of paper, the Highway Order, with the filing fee of $30.00. Our attorney fees for this came to $262.50.


New Business:

A.      Building Inspection codes:Town was contacted by Jon Mattson regarding contracting a building inspector. We currently go through the state for building inspections as construction is at a minimum in the town.


Correspondence: ††

Monday, March 27, workshop in Turtle Lake on road maintenance from 8-12. Scott and Kevin will attend.

April 8th is the Ambulance Smelt Fry in Luck.


Annual meeting will April 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm, regular meeting to follow.


Motion to adjourn was made by Glenn Meier, 2nd by Scott Wilder, carried. Time: 7: 10 pm


Respectfully submitted,††


Phyllis Wilder Clerk