Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

June 21, 2016


Meeting was called to order by Simon Nelson at 6:30 pm. Members present Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier, supervisors; Kevin Taylor, patrolman, Phyllis Wilder, clerk,Brenda Tesch, Treasurer absence. Public: Matt Norberg and Scott Norby.


The minutes to the May meeting were presented by the clerk.The board thanked the clerk for the report.


The financial statement for May was presented by the clerk in the treasurerís absence. The board thanked her for the report.


Motion made by Glenn M to move Item A of old business to the start of meeting, seconded by Scott W. Carried.


Public input:None


Employee report:Kevin reported that beavers are causing problems on 180th Street; need to be cleaned every day to keep from flooding the road. Kevin has board approval to get traps to remove beavers. Simon reported that 345th needs some attention. Needs some shouldering done on 360th Avenue where patching was just done, Kevin will contact Burnett County to do this.


Old Business:

A. Old dump truck sale:†† Matt Norberg asked what we needed to get out of the truck; Glenn stated that we would need $8000 for truck complete with plow and sander. Kevin has checked into putting the plow and sander on consignment in Rice Lake. Matt offered $4000 for truck only.Motion to accept $4000 was made by

Scott W. seconded by Simon N, motion carried.Truck will be ready to be picked up by July 1, 2016. Simon and Matt signed a purchase agreement that the truck is being sold as is.


B. Road Inspection report:Scott provided a written report on the road inspection done in May. The Board will prioritize the roads as to needs, list first most needed then what can be done next year.Once roads are determined to be done then bids will be collected for repairs.


New Business:

A. Bids from banks on road repairs:Frandsen Bank decline bidding, Sterling Bank offered 2.50 % for 5 years and 2.85% for 7 years, Bremer offered 2.45% for5 years, 2.75 % for 7 years. Motion made by Scott W to accept Bremerís bid as long as no fees apply, Simon N seconded, Glenn M abstained from voting.The board will adopt the resolution to borrow from Bremer Bank at the July meeting.


B. Approve liquor license:Glenn M motioned to approve liquor license for the Skol Haus and the Ridge Eatery, Scott W seconded, motion carried.The clerk will deliver the licenses.



         Next meeting of the Safe Routes to School is June 28 at 10 am at the high school library.


Motion to approve paying of invoices presented, check # 16622-16639 was made by Glenn M, seconded by Scott W, motion carried.




Next meeting will be July 19, 2016 at 6:30 pm.


Motion to adjourn was made by Glenn Meier, 2nd by Scott Wilder, carried. Time: 7:20 pm


Respectfully submitted,††


Phyllis Wilder Clerk