July 19, 2011 Town Board Monthly Meeting:


Meeting called to order at 7:02p.m.   Present at the meeting were Simon Nelson – Chairman, Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier- Supervisor, Phyllis Wilder–Treasurer, Andrea Lundquist-Clerk, and Kevin Taylor - Patrolman.  Residents and onlookers were Carl Thomfohrda.


The meeting was called to order by Simon.


The minutes of the last meeting were presented by the clerk.

No adjustments were recommended.

The town board thanked the clerk for the report.


The treasurer’s monthly report was presented by treasurer.

The town board thanked the treasurer for the report.


Public Input


Old Business

  1. Carl Thomfohrda presented an insurance policy for Rural Insurance.  The town made adjustments our current policy.  Our current policy is not expired until November, and we will review other quotes, and make a decision before November.
  2. Operator’s Permit was presented for Janet E Anderson for Aspen Leaf. Glenn made a motion to approve the application, and Simon seconded.  All in favor, motion carried.
  3. Board members viewed the sand/salt building this last month.  They agreed the building is in poor shape and general clean-up is needed.  Oil can be brought to Knauber Repair.  Glenn will look at some options for buildings and will review next month.



Patrolman/Hwy. Building/Hwy. Report

A.     The board requested a new air conditioner to be purchased for the meeting/elections room as the current air conditioner is quite noisy.  Kevin will look into replacing it in the near future.

B.     Tractor tires need to be replaced.  This will be done at a cost of $1200 for two tires at Farm Country Tires.

C.     Grader tires need to be replaced. The town will recap the tires with Pomp’s Tires for $969.33 per tire plus mounting.

      D.  The grader had an arm that was broken.  It had been temporarily fixed by welding it for now. 




New Business – A. A resolution for redistricting wards for county board positions was presented to the board.  This would make the town one ward in itself instead of the current two and has occurred due to the census results from 2010.  Glenn made a motion to accept the proposed one ward, and Simon seconded.  All in favor, motion carried.


B. Another resolution was presented for the board to accept the WisDOT equipment rates for any emergency situation or any rental or usage information.  Scott made a motion to accept the resolution, and Simon seconded it.  All in favor, motion carried.


All bills paid and approved.  .  A. Chris Bartlett offered to clean up branches and excess gravel the cemetery for $300 maximum.  This would be split 3 ways between the Grace Church, Grace Cemetery Fund, and the Town of West Sweden.  The board accepted his offer.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, August 16th, 2011 at 6:30pm. 


Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Scott and seconded by Glenn. Motion Carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:54 pm.

Andrea Lundquist, clerk