Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

July 15, 2014      


Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm. Members present were Simon Nelson, Chairman; Glenn Meier and  Scott Wilder, supervisors; Brenda Tesch, treasurer, Kevin Taylor, patrolman; and Phyllis Wilder, clerk.  Public: Joe Schommer


The minutes to the June meeting were presented by the clerk.  The board thanked the clerk for the report.

The financial statement for June was presented by the treasurer. The board thanked her for the report.


Public input:   None


Employee report:  Kevin reported that the dump truck wiring issues are almost complete. Garage door repairs are done.  Dan Mortensen has requested a new fire number sign. The County replaced the culvert on Clam Falls Drive, July it will be blacktopped in a few weeks.

Half of Benson road from Hanson property to Seventh Day Church is the village limits; the State will be deducting that portion of the bill from rebuild.  Simon will contact David Wondra, village administrator regarding this. It was suggested that we need to look into an agreement with Village on shared roads for further construction projects.

  Ron Fredericks injured his right shoulder on June 17, 2014 and has not been back to work since, no report as to how long he will be out has been received.   Discussion on possible need for temporary help was held. Kevin will on vacation from end of September until October 22.  

Schommer’s have had driveways installed on their parcels; they got the culverts from the Town and had the driveway work done by Trade River Outfitters. Motion was made to cover the cost of the culverts per our current policy by Scott, seconded by Glenn, carried.    The culvert policy will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Old Business: 

A.      Salt shed:    None    

New Business: 

A.      Benson Road Bids:  Bids were received from Joe’s Bobcat, Trader River Outfitters, Gjonnes & Sons Excavating, Pargon Excavating and Alden Excavating.  Motion to accept the bid from Gjonnes & Sons Excavating was made by Glenn Meier, seconded by Scott Wilder.  Ayes: 3 Nays: 0


Correspondence:  Requests for Bridge Aid for 2015 is due by August 1, 2014; if interested in ordering  snow blades from Polk County must have it by July 16; joint meeting in Baldwin for Polk County Towns Association on July 23, 2014.


All bills paid and approved.


The next meeting will be August 19, 2014 at 6:30 pm.


Motion to adjourn was made by Glenn, seconded by Scott.   Motion carried.  Time was 7:40   pm.



Respectfully submitted,


Phyllis Wilder, Clerk