Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

July 18 2017


Meeting was called to order by Simon Nelson, Chairman, at 6:30 pm. Present: Supervisors: Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier; Phyllis Wilder, clerk; Brenda Tesch, treasurer, and Kevin Taylor, patrolman. Also, present: Bill Krasselt, land owner and Josh Yunker, from Polk County Zoning, Terry Mattson from Scott Construction.


Motion made by Glenn M, 2nd by Scott W, to move new business of subdivisions to the beginning of the meeting, motion carried.


The minutes to the June meeting were presented by the clerk. No corrections or additions needed, minutes stand approved as presented.


The financial statement for June was presented by the treasurer. The board thanked her for the report.


Public input: None


Employee report:

         Replaced culvert on 130th Street

         Hauled approximately 12 loads of gravel on Moonlight

         Town truck has brake lines repaired


Unfinished Business:

A.     Update on Salt/Sand Shed: No word on survey yet. Glenn has contacted Structures Unlimited regarding storage sheds. Got ideas on size, tonnage planned to store.


B.      Road Repair List: Board reviewed list. Simon Nelson made the motion to accept bids for chip sealing on 170th, 140th, 315th and 180th, and Benson Rd/150th, Scott 2nd, motion carried.


C.      Status of work on 170th: Monarch Paving will be starting work in August.


New Business:

A.      Subdivision of Parcel #048-00305-0000: Josh Yunker, Surveyor. Correction subdivision is on parcel # 048-00241-0000, on the corner of 140th Street and 345th Avenue. Stonesifer property. Glenn motion, Simon 2nd to approve subdivision of parcel 048-00241-0000, carried.


B.      Subdivision of Parcel # 048-00803-0000: Ron Hoffman, Surveyor. Land owner Bill Krasselt, provided paperwork on the subdivision of his property on 310th Avenue. Motion to approve subdivision of parcel# 048-00803-0000 was made by Glenn M, seconded by Scott W, motion carried.


Motion made by Glenn M, seconded by Scott W, to approve the payment of bills check# 16829 thru 168843 and payroll and ACH payments totaling $14,137.43.


Next meeting will be August 15, 2017


No other business, meeting adjourned. Time: 7:44 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis Wilder Clerk