Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

August 21, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 6:32pm.  Present at the meeting Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier, supervisors; Kevin Taylor, patrolman, and Andrea Lundquist, Clerk.  Phyllis Wilder, treasurer, was absent. Residents and onlookers were present.

No additions or corrections were made from the printed agenda.

The minutes of the last meeting were presented by the clerk. Adjustments and correction made include: a. Simon Nelson was present at the July meeting b. Don Langle was a onlooker at the July meeting. The town board thanked the clerk for the report.


The treasurer presented the monthly report. The town board thanked the treasurer for the report.

Phyllis Wilder arrived at 6:35pm.

Public Input:  A. ATV used on roads was discussed at length.  Those who spoke include: Ken Ruhn, Walter Schommer, Glenn Meier, Simon Nelson, Scott Wilder, and Maria Ammend on behalf of the Village of Frederic. Maria invited the town board members to attend the Village of Frederic planning commission meeting at the end of the month.  The board requested that a special meeting take place and a public hearing of the residents’ opinion on which way to move on the ATV road issue.  Meeting/Hearing will be held Tuesday, September 18th at 6:30pm-7:00pm.  The board will then decide at the board meeting following the public hearing as to what position the town will be taking at this time.


B. 120th Street request for compensation for repairs by the town of Clam Falls was denied by the town board.  The town of West Sweden currently cares for the road on the West of the town, and believed that the town of Clam Falls was responsible for the care of the road on the East side of West Sweden. 


Old Business: A. 175th Street; the sand pockets on 175th Street were assessed by cutting out the sandy areas with the grader and then pouring new gravel in the cut out areas.  

Employee Report: A.  Shouldering:   Options for working on shouldering included Digger Bob who has a disk that hooks onto a tractor and using a brush to smooth out the road.  Also, the county does shouldering at about $123-$164/hr, depending on machinery used.  The board requested to look into purchasing our own disk, which is estimated to be at $6000.  Kevin will check on prices, and continue shouldering with the grader until next meeting. 


B. The estimated amount coming from the disaster fund from the May storms is $8400.  All paperwork has been submitted.


C. Kevin has made a bill for Grantsburg Telcom for culvert work on 150th Street.    



New Business: A. Road financing:  Glenn checked on the current total indebtedness of the town, which is around $63,600.  We could refinance the existing loan adding new fund of $100,000.  Keeping the 5 year amortization, the total would be around $35,569/year in payments at the current 3.75% rate, which would increase our annual loan payments about $2,200/year.  If we did a $125,000 additional funds (totaling around $188,000) the payments would increase $7,500/year, totaling $41,000 annually in payments, with the same rate.  The board will complete a resolution up for approval for next month’s meeting for a loan up to $188,000.     

B. Tree Trimming/Cutting: The board will request a bid from Luedtke after compiling list from road inspections to take place on August 27th at 5pm, beginning at Bremer Bank parking lot.   

All bills paid and approved.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 at 7:00 pm. 

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Simon, seconded by Scott.  Motion carried. Time was 7:59pm.

Andrea Lundquist, clerk