Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

September 15, 2015


Meeting was called to order by  Simon Nelson at 6:30 pm. Members present were Glenn Meier and Scott Wilder, supervisors; Kevin Taylor, patrolman, and Phyllis Wilder, clerk.  Resident Ken Ruhn; Jim Pearson


Motion to add 345th Culvert replacement to agenda, was made by Scott Wilder, 2nd   by Glenn Meier, motion carried.


The minutes to the August meeting were presented by the clerk.  The board thanked the clerk for the report.  

The financial statement for August was presented by the treasurer. The board thanked her for the report.


Public input:  None


Employee report:  Kevin reported ordered signs 3 weeks ago still not in. The culvert on 345th Avenue caved in by Craig Lenz and Troy Lenz residents.  Cables needed to be located before any digging on 345th; this involves Centurylink and Polk Burnett Electric lines. Bob Carlson said he could do work on Thursday.   Polk County Highway Department, Moe Norby came out today to review the damage. 


Old Business:

A. Speed limit request:  The study done by the Polk County Highway Department was done from September 3, 2015 to September 5, 2015. North bound survey average speed was 43 mpg counting 323 vehicles, South bound 636 vehicles at  an average of 37 mpg. Glenn Meier made the motion based on the speed study to not make any changes to the speed limit, seconded by Scott Wilder, motion carried.


B. Status of crack sealing/road repairs:  Crack sealing is complete on roads that we accepted bids on.  The road 305th Avenue, (old County Road W)  Jim Pearson advised  that grinding the road with existing blacktop, level out and then double chip sealing the road rather than blacktopping.  Cost would be approximate $65,000 per Jim Pearson as opposed to blacktopping that would run $150,000 or more for 1.5 miles. It may qualify as a TRIP project.  Road by Seven Pines was done this way a couple of years and is holding up well.


C. Warranty on mower:  Prices quotes received from Frontier Ag on extended warranty on mower.  Quotes were for 36/ 1500 hours, 48/1500 hours, 60/1500 hours and 36/2000, 48/2000, and 60/2000.  The board will need more information as to coverage. The Current hours on the mower are 200 hours. Glenn will contact John Struck for details.


New Business:

A.  Review budget items:  Clerk provided budget to date to review. Suggested that a 4 or 5 year plan for road maintenance and repair be considered for budgeting in the future..    Some large trees could be cut down on the road right of way.  Simon will contact Luedtke regarding this. 170th/308th, 300th and 345th are the roads to be looked at.  



B. Salt /Sand for winter:  Kevin reported that there is about 125 yards left from last winter, we usually get 500 yards for year.  Kevin will get bids for 300 yards sand plus salt and bring to the next meeting.


C. Glenn Meier made the motion sign the disaster damage aids petition, Scott 2nd.Adopt petition for Disaster damage Aids this is regarding the culvert on 345th Avenue.




All bills approved and paid.


Next meeting will be October 20, 2015, at 6:30 pm.


Motion to adjourn was made by Scott, 2nd by Glenn, carried.   At 7:55 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Phyllis Wilder, Clerk