Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

September 19 2017


Meeting was called to order by Simon Nelson, Chairman, at 6:30 pm.  Present Supervisors: Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier; Phyllis Wilder, clerk; Brenda Tesch, treasurer.   Also, present: Ken Ruhn, Gene & Shelia Hansen, Luke Hochstetler, Shirley & James King, Gene & Shelia Hansen.


Public Input: Shelia Hansen expressed concerns of where Kings putting in a new driveway to the King property as easement is on the Hansen property, issues to be taken care of prior to the board approving the driveway for the Kings.  Kings want to move forward on the driveway. Residents need to come to a resolution as to who’s owner of property and have it settlement by courts or purchase the property.


Employee report:  

·         Patched some holes, cleaned brush off roads, had Carlson Excavating grade 175th Street.


Unfinished Business:

A.     Driveways:  John & Teri Hulteen applied for driveway to new house being built in 325th Avenue. Flat land, own property on all sides.  


B.      Resolution to adjust budget:  Glenn M made the motion to adopt the resolution to adjust the budget for highway repairs, Scott W seconded, approved by voice vote 3 ayes. No nays


C.      Adopt resolution for North Land Ambulance:  Discussion on services provided by North Land Ambulance. Motion to adopt the agreement with North Land to remain a member of NLMA was made by Simon Nelson, seconded by Scott Wilder, motion carried.


D.     Survey report on Salt/Sand Shed:  The survey is completed, Town will file the survey.


New Business:

A.      Review budget items:  Clerk presented budget summary to board.

B.      Building & Road plan:  LRIP road project coming due, target 150th road.

C.      Job description of patrolman:  Recommended checking with WTA for descriptions


Motion made by Glenn M, seconded by Scott W, to approve the payment of bills check# 16858 thru 16867 and payroll and ACH payments totaling $ 22,343.23.


 Next meeting will be October 17, 2017


No other business, meeting adjourned. Time:   8:00 pm


Respectfully submitted,  

Phyllis Wilder Clerk