Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

November 13, 2012

Meeting was called to order at 6:35pm.  Present at the meeting were Simon Nelson, Chairman; Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier, supervisor; Kevin Taylor, patrolman, Phyllis Wilder, treasurer; and Andrea Lundquist, Clerk. Residents and onlookers include Ken Ruhn, Jerry Laqua, and Maria Ammend.

There were no additions from the printed agenda.


The minutes of the last meeting were presented by the clerk. Adjustments were made to the presented report the town board thanked the clerk for the report.


The treasurer presented the monthly report.   The town board thanked the treasurer for the report.

Public Input:  A. Tamara Larson requested that the town help pay for putting down the horse that was seized by the county earlier in the year.  The horse was being cared for by the Coens, and was their property.  The board believes that the town is not responsible for the maintenance of the horse from the time of adoption earlier in the year.  A motion to dny the request was made by Glenn and seconded by Scott.  All in favor, motion carried.


Old Business: A. The levy amount of $150,599.00 approved at the meeting of electors was presented to the town board.  Glenn made a motion to approved the levy amount of $150,599.00 and Scott seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion carried.

B. The final budget was presented to the town board.  Glenn made a motion to adopt the 2013 budget, and Simon seconded.  All in favor, motion carried. 

C. Application for liquor license was presented to the board for Theresa Ketchka at the Countryside location.  The liquor license previously held by Bremer Bank was surrendered.  Glenn made a motion to approve the application, and Scott 2nd.  All in favor, motion carried.

D. Laqua’s request for annexing to the town from the Village of Frederic was researched.  Laqua would need to request detachment from the Village through the village, which the village would then need to approved before annexing could occur.  Per Laqua he filed his request.  Maria Ammend from the village board was in attendance of our meeting and noted that the village is talking with Grindell law office for their opinion. 

E. ATV/UTV routes ordinance preparation: The clerk presented the board with a preliminary copy of the ordinance.  The entire ordinance was reviewed and the clerk will supply a copy to the board members for their review prior to the next meeting.     The board would like to look into setting up a formal maintenance agreement with the Luck ATV club as part of the ordinance. 

Employee Report: A.  Beaver on 180th Street.  The beavers are damaging the road and need to be removed.  A $25 bounty will be awarded to certain individuals requested by the board to trap the beavers.  Individuals the board would like to extend the offer of bounties are to known trappers including: Mike Duncan, Dennis O’Donnell, Joe Wandereau, and Joe Schommer.  The individuals will bring the beavers to Kevin and the clerk will pay the individual. 


B. Leudtke has started cutting trees by Schommers’ on 150th Street.  Kevin requested that the town place a detour around the area until clearing is done.  The board approved the detour.


C. The town truck got new tires at Larsen for $567.65 after a $40 credit. 


D. Guy Foltz contacted Kevin with concerns that the town may need to put up horse and buggy signs in the town.  Per the town’s association, it is up to the discretion of the town on when and where to place the signs.  The town requested that Kevin order signage for the top of the hill on 140th Street.  Kevin will order and put up signs.   



New Business: A. Phyllis requested that the town try MailCom service for the upcoming taxes mailing.  The service will stuff and send all bills for the town.  The board approved the service, providing it is under $550.00. 

B. At the Luck Ambulance meeting the new garage was discussed.  The bidding will be out for bid in January.  They will be borrowing approximately $225,000.00 toward the building, and have around $125,000.00 in grants and other funding. 

All bills paid and approved. 


The next meeting will be Tuesday, December 18th, 2012 at 6:30pm. 


Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Scott, seconded by Simon.  Motion carried. Time was 8:26pm.


Andrea Lundquist, clerk