Town of West Sweden- Monthly Meeting

November 21, 2017


Meeting was called to order by Simon Nelson, Chairman, at 6:42 pm.  Present Supervisors: Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier; Kevin Taylor, Phyllis Wilder, clerk; Brenda Tesch, treasurer was absent.  Guest: Brad Olson, County Supervisor.


The minutes to the October meeting were presented by the clerk.  No corrections or additions needed, minutes stand approved as presented.

 The financial statement for October was presented by the clerk on the treasurer’s behalf. The board thanked her for the report.


Public Input: County Supervisor Brad Olson reported on the building of a new County Highway Building.   Board passed capping supervisors wages.


Employee report:  Kevin went to Balsam Lake to completed the LRIP applications. The F150 is acting up and will need to go to the shop again. Has been mowing on Clam Falls Drive and 350th Avenue.  Helped Will from Clam Falls Township to put the wing on their grader.


Unfinished Business:

A.     Budget approval:    Glenn Meier made the motion to approve the budget of $380, 175.00, Scott Wilder, seconded. Motion carried

B.      Approval of the levy:  Scott Wilder made the motion to approve the 2017 levy payable 2018 of $203,348.00, Simon Nelson seconded, motion carries.

C.      Salt Sand Update: Nothing new to report on cost of removing old building

New Business:

A.     Approve Assessors contract:  Motion to approve Ed O’Meara contract for 3 years at $4600 per year was made by Glenn M, Scott W seconded, motion carried.

B.      January Election:  The clerk reported that there will be two additional elections one in December 2017 and one in January 2018 due to Shelia Harsdorf accepting the Secretary of Agricultural, Trade and Consumer Protection position.

Correspondence: Polk County Zoning Department will be holding a public hearing on December 6, 2017 at 9:30 am for comments on the proposed amendment to the County Shoreland Protection Zoning Ordinance enacted in August 2016.  The Village of Frederic has sent notice of the meeting for a public hearing on the draft of the comprehensive plan set for December 11, 2017 at 6:30 pm at the village hall.


Motion made by Glenn M, seconded by Scott W, to approve the payment of bills check# 16876 thru 16887 and payroll and ACH payments totaling $ 85,572.36.


A special meeting on Thursday, November 30 at 6:30 pm for opening bids on 2000 Chevrolet will be held.


 Next regular meeting will be December 19, 2017

No other business, meeting adjourned. Time:   7:29 pm

Respectfully submitted,  

Phyllis Wilder Clerk