Town of West Sweden – Monthly Meeting

December 20, 2011


Meeting called to order at 6:30p.m.   Present at the meeting were Simon Nelson – Chairman, Scott Wilder – Supervisor, Phyllis Wilder–Treasurer, Andrea Lundquist-Clerk, and Kevin Taylor - Patrolman. No residents and onlookers were present.


The meeting was called to order by Simon.


The minutes of the last meeting were presented by the clerk.

No adjustments were recommended.  The town board thanked the clerk for the report.


The treasurer’s monthly report was presented by treasurer.

The town board thanked the treasurer for the report.


Public Input – None.


Old Business –A. The Benson Road sidewalk project, in conjunction with the Village of Frederic.  The County will be setting up a car counter in the spring to get an accurate car count.


Patrolman/Hwy. Building/Hwy. Report

A.      Brian Rogers was on the snowplowing list, but has sold his property.  We will need a new release from the new owner if the new owner would still like plowing services. 


Correspondence – A. Habitat for Humanity will be painting 100 homes in the area.  Information is posted at the town hall for those interested in applying for this service.

B.      Wisconsin Disaster Relief Funds have been approved for the town totaling $7670.15 or the $10,957.36 applied for.  Final papers were signed for the state to send the funds.


New Business – A. Election Officials were appointed.  A motion was made by Simon and seconded by Glenn to appoint the following persons as election inspectors: Lori Lundquist, Phyllis Wilder, Maria Taylor, Kathleen Coughlin, Sonja Java, Kathleen Gilbertson, Bonnie Anderson, Nancy Chenal, Karen Carpenter, Deanne Mullner, Joan Peterson.  Official Oaths will be sent to confirm acceptance of appointment. 

B. Scott shared information from the fire meeting.  The financial report was shared, and the only debt that the fire department currently has is for a new truck.  The department is applying for a grant for regularly replaced equipment (ie, turnout gear, battery packs) through the DNR.  Half of the cost would be reimbursed after purchase if the grant is approved.  The fire department also has 2 new board members.

C.      Glenn shared information from the ambulance meeting.  North Land Ambulance is working on getting a new garage between Frederic and Luck.  The y have created a capital fund to save for land and buildings. They are also applying for grants to help subsidize the project.


All bills paid and approved.  ***January will have checks cut before the meeting for the January Tax Settlement to the county, school, and WITC.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, January 17th, 2012 at 6:30pm.


Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Glenn and seconded by Scott. All in favor.  Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:12pm

Andrea Lundquist, clerk