Town of West Sweden, Planning Committee Meeting

Public Hearing

September 9, 2009


Public review opened at 6:00pm.  Present at the meeting were Scott Wilder, William Didlo, Rich Potvin, Pam Freese, Bruce Rowe –Committee Members, Andrea Lundquist –as clerk, and Tim Anderson –county planner.


Scott called the public hearing of the comprehensive plan to order at 6:00pm.


Tim handed out the comments he received from the WI Department of Administration.  They had no comments other than they requested information regarding environmentally contaminated sites.  The committee agreed to add that there are two closed land fills in West Sweden. 


The commission also requested that Map 8-2 Primary Land Use state that the white area represents unmapped area.


Tim also handed out comments from William Johnson.  Suggestions that William made on the plan were approved by the committee.    Changes made from William’s comments include:

Changing that only the first 47 miles of the Gandy Dancer trail from St. Croix Falls to Danbury is open to bicycles.

The Gandy Dancer trail doesn’t connect to the Polk County Information Center.  There is a 2.5 km trail that is owned by the City of St. Croix Falls and is called Interlink Trail.

Remove that the Gandy Dancer Trail is suited for snowshoeing or cross country skiing.

Add that the railroad is the Soo Line on page 28 2nd paragraph.

Add 1901 Soo Line to the information on the depot restoration on page 29 4th paragraph.

On page 43 add that curbside pickup is available for recycling in the town.

Add Somers Park to the parks in the nearby areas.

Change the unnamed lake to Rainbow Lake on page 67 paragraph 2.

Changed the information for the bridge picture on page 70 adding a “demolition date”.

Adjust the wording on page 77 goal 2 to state “eradicate as well as limit introductions and spread of invasive species”.


The commission also requested the insert of other telecommunication options for the area to include CenturyTel, and the internet services to include Starwire Technologies on page 43.



Motion made to close the public hearing made by Pam. Seconded by Scott at 8:00pm.


Bruce made a motion to recommend the adoption of the plan including the changes made during the public hearing.  Pam seconded the motion.  All in favor of motion.  Motion passed.


Motion made to adjourn the public hearing made by Scott. Seconded by William Didlo.  Meeting adjourned.  At 8:00pm.


Andrea Lundquist, clerk