2011 Road Inspection Report



County Line Road, 180th, Fire #2141, small patch, culverts?


Hwy 48 & County Line Road, fix turn off going North on County Line Road


170th Street, Dig out & fill with gravel, 830 Ft. May black top or let set a year before repairing.  Shoulder intersection at the junction of 170th & W


Bullet holes in sign by Battisti’s, move sign and fix  holes (6 holes)


160th &County Road W, culvert at end of road to Bruce Rowe’s, plugged on one end, possible replacement


Shouldering on 340th Avenue from county line to West Sweden.


Fire #9908 on 360th Avenue, Patch road by Grass Lake


120th Street, fix 2 holes


Replace culvert on 140th, By Kurkowski’s


Shouldering road on 345th Avenue


310th Avenue, repair hole.


Lots of signs to replace, straighten posts, lots of areas that could use some shoulder work.