Town of West Sweden

Special Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2009


Meeting called to order at 6:19 p.m.


Present at the meeting were Dennis O’Donnell- Chairman, Scott Wilder and Glenn Meier- Supervisors, Phyllis Wilder – Treasurer and Andrea Lundquist-Clerk.  Residents and onlookers include Jackie and Keith Highstrom.


The meeting was called to order by Dennis.


Liquor license applications were reviewed by the board. 


A motion was made by Scott and seconded by Dennis to approve a license for Bremer Bank with Glenn Meier as agent. Glenn abstained from voting.  License granted. 


Glenn Meier made a motion to approve the license for Keith and Jacqulyn subject to the license from the previous owners (TyVin, DBA Skol Haus) being surrendered.  Scott seconded.  All approved.  License will be issued subject to surrender of the TyVin license.***  The Highstroms will not need to pay the town for the license.  Copy of closing statement /bulk sales agreement was requested.   


Meeting adjourned at 6:35p.m.


Andrea Lundquist, Clerk


***License issued to TyVin DBA Skol Haus was since surrendered and license issued to Jacqulyn and Keith Highstrom.***