Residents interested in finding out how the assessor arrives at the assessed value of their property can come to the Open Book which is typically held mid-May or June. Notices are posted on the town website, Town Hall, Bremer Bank and the Post Office, as well as in the Inter County Leader prior to the Open Book, this also applies to the Board of Review meeting date as Wisconsin state statues requires the notice to be published.

You will receive a notice from the assessor prior to the scheduled Open Book date informing you that the value of your property has changed, Open Book is the time to inquiry about the change. If nothing has changed you will not receive such notice but this is the time to inquiry about your assessed values.

The Board of Review is scheduled one week following the Open Book date.

The WI Revenue website below is an excellent resource and can answer many of the questions a land owner may have.
Of course, you may also contact your local officials with questions as well.