Ordinances and Resolutions

Current Ordinances and Resolutions

2017-2 Resolution of Town Board to Propose Exceeding Levy Limits.pdf
2017-3 Electors to exceed the Levy Limit.pdf
2017-4 Resolution to Adopt the Town Levy at the Special Town Meeting.pdf
2018-2 Ordinance Broadband Forward.pdf
2018-3 Ordinance ATV UTV Routes.pdf
2019-1 Board propose exceed levy limit.pdf
2019-2 Electors to exceed levy limit.pdf
2019-3 Electors to adopt town tax levy.pdf
2020-01 Resolution to raise dog license.pdf
2020-02 Resolution to adjust budget.pdf
2021-01 Resolution to borrow for 2021 truck.pdf
2021-03 Resolution for Ambulance Merger Discussions.pdf
2021-04 Resolution to Support Broadband Grant for Grantsburg Telcom.pdf
2021-05 Resolution to appoint treasurer for remainder of term.pdf
2021-06 Resolution Ward Boundaries following 2020 Cenus.pdf
2021-07 Ordinance Clerk and Treasurer Appointment.pdf
2021-2 Resolution to Borrow LRIP project.pdf
2022-02 Ordinance stop sign 160th 300th Ave.pdf
2023-1R Resolution to borrow.pdf
2023-01 Uniform Dewelling Code Ordinance.pdf
2023-02 Appoint town clerk to the Board of Review.pdf
2022-03 Ordinance Class B road- 160th Street & 150th Street.pdf
Resolution 24-01 Building referendum question for April 2, 2024 ballot.pdf